The technology is a combination of polystyrene concrete and a steel or lumber frame structure. Polystyrene concrete is used in structural elements in the form of panels of different sizes, and in bulk form. The polystyrene concrete and the frame structure create a homogeneous, thermal bridge free building.


Advantages of the Löglen Construction Technology

The insulation of Löglen buildings is outstanding. According to measurements taken in an accredited laboratory the heat transfer coefficient of the 41 cm thick Löglen standard wall is U= 0,21 W/m2K. The system does not require additional insulation, since the material of the entire building provides the excellent heat retention and insulation values. Consequently, Löglen buildings achieve the energy-saving qualification.


The Löglen wall structure „breathes” and it has very good vapor diffusion, thus creating a healthy and pleasant atmosphere in the buildings (µ=7-10), the generated vapor escapes through the walls without a problem and does not cause harmful molding or mycosis on the internal wall surface, due to the thermal bridge free structure.


The weight of Löglen wall structures is 300 kg/m3, considered ideal by architects (300-500 kg/m3).

The ideal weight means 10-40% of the concrete saved when building the foundations.


The construction set of Löglen technology possesses fire safety certificates that comply with the regulations.


The great formability of Löglen technology provides a wide range of possible uses.


Löglen technology is Eco-friendly, Löglen houses are reusable.


LÖGLEN Kft - Official announcement

The element set of LÖGLEN construction technology has received the official approvals required for its legitimate production and distribution.

The construction element set is manufactured by WYW Block Zrt., its NMÉ (National Technical Assessment) is numbered A-51/2014.

Certificates of Constancy of Performance:



The NMÉ and the certificates can be viewed at the Web site.

It can be seen on the first page of the NMÉ numbered A-51/2014 that it replaces the ÉME numbered A-130/2010 which was earlier issued for LÖGLEN Kft.

LÖGLEN construction technology is protected by registered patent in the European Union, under the number EP 2189427.

The LÖGLEN brand name and logo are registered in Europe under the number EM 010825248, and trademarks are registered in Hungary under numbers HU M0900256 and HU M0900257.

In consideration of the above we will be compelled to act through legal means against anyone (private individual, company, association, etc.) who keeps on communicating (through Web sites, newspaper articles, or other media, personally, via e-mail, etc.) that the LÖGLEN construction technology has no approvals, or who uses our technology without proper authorization.

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We are looking for Hungarian-speaking contractors with experience in the construction industry to cooperate with.

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The manufacturer of the construction set required for Löglen technology is WYW Block Zrt.,

the NMÉ numbered: A-51/2014, Product Conformity Certificates: 20-CPR-55-(C-31/2014),

20-CPR-56-(C-31/2014) can be viewed at website.



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